Our Services

WinJi offers a range of services in conjunction with the Truepower Platform


  • Expertise in renewable energy, asset management and data analytics

  • Prime service and great support 

  • Best digital asset management

  • Customised platform

  • Managed service

  • Quantified insights

  • Transaction support



to maximise IRR and increase production


People at WinJi are experts in renewable energies, asset management or data analytics.  
WinJi can therefore offer prime services and you experience great support.


Operational and Reporting Services

In a very competitive market environment with a rapid growth of renewables, energy price decrease due to very small marginal costs of renewables, new players moving into the alternative energy markets, the competition is increasing rapidly. Consequently, efficiency in operation is key for success. WinJi provides you the solution and support for best-in-class digital asset management, analytics and services. 
We are very flexible and highly responsive to customise the true power platform to individual requirements in terms of KPI, reporting etc. 

More specifically, our experts have a great track record in specific customer support, specifically in the following ways: 

  • Digital asset management and its strategies

  • Data handling: data acquisition, data quality and data management

  • Performance validation for wind turbines, e.g. vortex upgrades and software updates

  • ​Implementation support for actionable measures

  • Benchmarking with turbines of the same type


After seeing your assets ranked, we further support you to improve the operation excellence ranking of your assets. In addition to the platform solution, the WinJi team provides managed services according to your needs. 


Transaction Support to Maximise IRR

Confidence in asset valuation and insights on hidden performance potential as part of the pre-transaction Due Diligence process. The quantified insights help you evaluate, in due time, the fair asset value based on historic performance and derive financial model assumptions. 

Post transaction support can be provided to the new asset owner to help them implement recommended measures to optimise asset performance by up to 5%. A production uplift of 2-3% can increase their IRR by 30-50%, thus directly increasing their valuation of your asset.​

We support investors, utilities and plant operators to meet the challenges of digitalisation and zero carbon emission energy production.

We offer solutions for the following challenges:

  • Changing risk-return-profiles need improved investment security

  • Decentralised storage capacities and prosumers create new business opportunities

  • Changing regulations call for the development of new business models

  • The increase in renewable energies require efficient grid integration and capital allocation