Showing Expertise 

Experts in Winning Energy 


WinJi supports you in the development and implementation of


  • asset management strategies

  • managed services for your renewable assets

  • Performance validation for wind turbines, e.g. vortex upgrades and software updates

  • ​Implementation support for actionable measures
  • Benchmarking with turbines of the same type

WinJi uniquely combines interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in the global megatrends of decarbonised energy transformation and "Big Data"​.  

We offer a solution for the digital asset management of renewable assets that uses state-of-the-art data analytics in a user-friendly way.
With our built-in Artificial Intelligence, we have identified actionable production efficiency improvements with our "TruePower Platform"​ solution for over 20 owners and operators, who have a combined production capacity of over 10 GW.

We are a dynamic and innovative company with an exceptional entrepreneurial mindset. Founded as a Joint Venture with D|ONE, we have proven experience and professionals in the areas of energy economics, renewable technologies as well as data modelling and data analytics.

We support investors, utilities and plant operators to meet the challenges of digitalisation and zero carbon emission energy production.

We offer solutions for the following challenges:

  • Changing risk-return-profiles need improved investment security

  • Decentralised storage capacities and prosumers create new business opportunities

  • Changing regulations call for the development of new business models

  • The increase in renewable energies require efficient grid integration and capital allocation

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