Driven by global warming, we want to revolutionize the wind and solar market to make most efficient use* of renewable resources on our planet.


*produce more energy at higher market value

What are we doing?

WinJi has a smart online solution to optimise production and operate renewable energy portfolios more efficiently.


The software has been developed for owners, technical operators and asset managers of wind and solar power plants.

WinJi helps you to achieving your targets!

+ 3-5% production of your assets
  Significant IRR Improvement of your wind and solar projects 

How are we doing it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for asset optimisation

-   Highly scalable (Cloud SaaS)

-   Manufacturer agnostic → for mixed investment portfolios

-   Fast deployment time (< 1 day)

Data Acquisition

Remote & non-invasive
Automated onboarding

Operations, weather, market, grid 

Analytics, Prediction 
& AI Optimisation

Real time & fine granular,

park and portfolio view


Actionable insights
Strategic decision support 


Intuitive & easy to put to action

What makes us stand out?


WinJi is the leading player in AI based performance optimisation.

We generate actionable insights and measures to improve plant performance by 3-5% and increase the ROI of your wind and solar assets: 

  • Analyse production efficiency in finest data granularity to capture volatility

  • Improve predictability by integrating weather, grid & market data


We make renewable energies more efficient, predictable and reliable while reducing asset performance risks.

We uniquely combine know-how and experience in the fields of renewable technologies, energy economics as well as data analytics and predictions based on Artificial Intelligence.

«Benchmark of our wind farms on an aggregated portfolio view allows me to set priorities and allocate resources - this eases my life and saves valuable time and money.»

Portfolio Manager, institutional investment fund wind & solar

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