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Get access to a use case for a wind park analysis


The Industry

Wind and solar parks generate revenues today of 250-300 bCHF

The Pain

5-15% of revenues are lost due to lack of sophistication in data usage


WinJi has built an AI based platform to close this gap

The TruePower Platform Solution

  • AI based performance improvement of 3-5%

  • Manufacturer agnostic performance overview aggregated across your entire renewable portfolio

  • Advanced analytics for power market integration and predictive maintenance

  • Profit improvement based on real time algorithms and predictions

  • Transparency for all involved parties

Integrated asset management solution for asset investors and operators

WinJi Track Record

  • Production under analysis worth > 230 MCHF/a

  • Found 9% underperformance on average

  • Actionable measures* worth 12 MCHF/a

* measures =5% production increase, validated with customers & realisable within less than 3 months

A division of the platform in 3 levels creates a holistic overview over your asset portfolio:

«Benchmark of our wind farms on an aggregated portfolio view allows me to set priorities and allocate resources - this eases my life and saves valuable time and money»

John M, Portfolio Manager, institutional investment fund wind & solar

We can provide you with a demo version of the WinJi TruePower platform, including user manual.
If you are interested, please contact us.

7 critical questions for asset owners: 

  1. How do you evaluate the performance of your renewable energy investments?

  2. What is your evaluation based on?

  3. Is your management team able to explain production deviation based on facts?

  4. Do you apply real-time monitoring?

  5. In which time span can you evaluate deviations in measurement and production data?

  6. How far do you use forecasts and predictive maintenance for your production processes?

  7. Do you measure and compare your asset performance to representative asset portfolios?